Monojustice splashing Shadow

azindelOriginally posted on Reddit.  This deck has a somewhat bad matchup versus Combrei and therefore is not Tier 1 in the current metagame.  Flying oriented aggro is bad when Combrei runs up to 8 silences and 4 Sandstorm Titans and a few scorpion wasps to deal with Aegis + equipment.

However, a shift in the metagame towards controlling durdle decks (e.g. Felnscar, Party Hour) could push this into Tier 1.

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Primal-Justice midrange

This is a weird deck that runs sweepers (lightning storm, Harsh Rule) as well as a beatdown plan.

If you have a good beatdown plan with an aegis unit + equipment, you take that line of play.  Otherwise you go for value and let your opponent over-extend into a Harsh Rule.  If the board is clear, you throw down a Scouting Party and try to extract value.

Somehow this deck is pretty decent, almost at Tier 1 but not.

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The art of the Gilded Glaive

I’ve been brewing different decks with Gilded Glaive, which is a very powerful beatdown card.  Its versatility, recurring damage, and synergy with Silverwing Familiar make it a very powerful Justice card.

Usually Gilded Glaive goes with pushed Justice creatures such as:

  1. Silverwing Familiar.  The aegis, evasion, and lifesteal makes this the best glaive holder.
  2. Crownwatch Paladin.
  3. Valyrie Enforcer.

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Brew theory: threats and answers

Eternal features various beatdown strategies, each with powerful answer cards that shut down those threats.  While answer cards like Vanquish are generally high efficient, they are somewhat narrow and not good against every other deck.  Vanquish for example can only destroy creatures with 4+ attack, which is not very helpful against Bandit Queen’s go-wide strategy.  The narrowness of the various answers tends to favour proactive beatdown strategies over control strategies.

A successful control deck must pack many answers to the diverse aggro strategies out there.  Bandit Queen requires the control deck to have a lot of blockers for ground units.  However, 2/5 ground blockers with high toughness don’t have flying to deal with flying units.  Meanwhile, Rakano decks are best answered with Scorpion Wasp and aegis strippers such as Levitate and Vara’s Favor.

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