Tier 1 and 2 decks (October 13 2016)

In this post, I am going to break down the most competitive decks that I would play if I were to really try-hard the ladder and aim for #1.  Because all decks have good and bad matchups, the best deck will depend on what other people are playing.  Right now, Xenan killers has shot up in popularity because it is fun and new.  Combrei midrange and greedy Combrei have fallen in popularity (even though they are probably the best deck right now).

Anyways, here are the most competitive decks at the moment (in no particular order).

The three pillars of aggro are:

Non-aggro decks:

Combrei Midrange is favored against aggro, and is decent against everything else.   I would consider it to be the strongest deck right now.  It is slightly weak to certain slower decks like greedy Combrei and 4-faction control (and Elysian midrange)… but not by much.  It is very well positioned in the current metagame.

Out of the aggro decks, monojustice splashing shadow is interesting because there are a number of decks that it punishes.  It is a saucy deck that falls prey to midrange Combrei.  But because people aren’t playing much Combrei at the moment, it is worth considering.  Long-term, Bandit Queen (or Jito Queen) is probably the deck to become proficient at.  It will likely always exist to keep the metagame in check.

Then there are the other fringe decks.  Rakano Burn and goodstuff armory punish a number of decks but are weak against Combrei.  Goodstuff armory is stronger than Burn against Rakano Pants but is weak against Rakano Burn.

Elysian midrange is favored against Combrei, but Combrei isn’t very popular right now.

4-faction control is somewhat similar to Combrei matchup-wise.  4-faction is slightly weaker against aggro and slightly stronger against most control decks.

Don’t be predictable

What I do against other Masters players is that I remember most of their deck choices and mulligan accordingly.

  • Sunyveil plays midrange combrei or some brew.  So I mulligan against midrange Combrei and assume that the brews are kind of easy to beat.
  • Finkel has been playing mostly 4-faction control lately.
  • Spaceplague plays aggro (usually Bandit Queen) or reanimator jank, so I mulligan against aggro.
  • Weiseguy usually plays something aggressive.
  • Etc. etc.

*There are some players that I don’t remember.

Anyways.. the point is to mix up your deck choices.  While midrange Combrei is the strongest, I would learn other decks and occasionally play them.  It is helpful to mix it up with aggro decks so that opponents need to mulligan for hands that are good against aggro.  Bandit Queen and monojustice splashing shadow would be pretty good choices right now.

For example, play mostly Combrei Midrange (or 4-faction control) while playing a small amount of aggro.


For stock lists, I would highly recommend RNG’s/Arengee’s website:


Non-tryhard decks

I would not play these decks:

  • Xenan killers.  While turn 2 Beastcaller’s Amulet has a special place in my heart, you can pick another deck with similar but better matchups.  If you want to punish Rakano Pants/Warcry, play Rakano goodstuff Armory.
  • Stonescar weapons.  Weak against flying-oriented aggro.
  • Anything Feln.
  • Felnscar.
  • FJP Control / Icaria Blue
  • Monofire.
  • Aggressive Combrei.  It’s good but… you can play midrange Combrei instead.

Basically, some other deck has similar but better matchups.

And these are even less competitive:

  • Traditional Armory.
  • TJP Control.
  • JPS Control.  This deck plays interesting stuff like The Last Word.
  • Clockroaches.


4 thoughts on “Tier 1 and 2 decks (October 13 2016)

  1. not sure why you think feln midrange isn’t competitive. it’s been tier 2 consistently according to ArEnGee’s reports, and my personal results have been strong. it is unfavored against rakano pants, but definitely has good matchups elsewhere


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