Improving archetype diversity in constructed


On the surface, the post-wipe metagame might seem reasonably diverse.  However, many tier 1 decks are simply aggro decks in different factions: rakano, aggressive combrei, and stonescar burn are proactive decks that play out mostly the same.  Slower reactive decks (“control”) are in a bad place due to how strong Stonescar burn is against slower decks.

Because the metagame is fairly fast, very janky decks like reanimator and Clockroaches curently see close to zero play (unlike the pre-wipe meta).

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JayNite’s “traditional” armory

JayNite currently sits at #4 on ladder with his armory deck.  While armory was previously considered a Tier 2 deck, perhaps there is a reason to revisit this classic.  The wipe changes nerfed everything else and gave this deck a buff in the form of Scheme:


Scheme allows the deck to dig for the correct answers to counter and punish opposing strategies.  Against aggro, this deck looks to trade relic weapons with units to stop the aggression.  Then it will dig for the correct answer cards (e.g. Harsh Rule, Auric Runehammer) or Icaria as a finisher.  Against control, this deck will look to beat down with relic weapons since control decks tend to be bad against relic weapons.

Lifedrinker is an interesting addition that helps the deck combat an aggro-heavy meta.

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Whisperpack: a funstable twist on Shimmerpack

Here’s a competitive deck that’s also interesting to play and pilot, unlike the current bogeyman of the metagame- Stonescar Burn.  My winrate with the deck has been 64% (18-10).  I currently sit at ~#8 on ladder.

This deck is very similar to Finkel’s Shimmerpack deck (discussed here), except that it runs Twinbrood Sauropod (“Echosaur”) as another win condition.  Whispering Wind is a way to assemble the Shimmerpack combos.  Levitate + big units shore up the deck’s weaknesses against flyers.

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The best decks in the post-wipe metagame

Currently, Stonescar Burn variants have emerged as the most popular deck with the rest of the meta warping around it.  Other Tier 1 decks seem to be Rakano pants/warcry, Elysian Shimmerpack, and aggressive (Obelisk) Combrei.  Those are the decks currently being played by the majority of players in top 10 ladder.

However, popularity does not tell the whole story.  Unearthly’s data suggests that his Rakano build with Righteous Fury is slightly better than the Stonescar Burn variants.


His winrate with Rakano was 65.7% (44-23) versus 63.9% (46-26) for Stonescar Burn / Big Burn.  The most popular deck on high-ranked ladder, while being a strong deck, may not actually have the highest winrate at the moment.

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