Fixing Eternal constructed Part 1: Make Clockroaches great again

I’ll just say it: the wipe nerfed fun and deck diversity.  Eternal used to be more fun and interesting than it is now.  This is the least fun metagame I’ve faced since I’ve started playing Eternal.

Step 1 would be to un-nerf Clockroaches.

Make clockroaches great again

People loved clockroaches.  Many Master-ranked players tanked their ratings playing Clockroaches and had a good time doing so.

I thought that Clockroaches was Eternal’s best game design.  Normally, “Spikes” (players who care about skill and the challenge of winning) will play the most powerful deck regardless of whether they really enjoy playing that deck.  However, many of the game’s best players like Sunyveil happily played Clockroaches and tanked their rating.

Direwolf should try to nerf or buff janky decks into tier 3- not so strong that they will see constructed play at the highest levels of play, but not so weak that they will get completely demolished on ladder.

Currently, the meta is extremely aggro-oriented and makes janky decks too weak.  The ultra-janky version of Clockroaches with Worldpyre Phoenix has almost no chance of going off.  That deck is incredibly sweet.  But nobody is having fun with it today.

Stop wasting the complexity budget

The resource base is needlessly complicated.  The unnecessary complexity in the resource base creates apparent depth without creating any actual gameplay depth.

New players have to sit there and think about the correct sequencing of 5 or 6 of these cards.  It overwhelms new players unnecessarily.  The “comes into play depleted” concept is also a little un-intuitive to new players.  If you read the card, it’s not clear that “depleted” means that you can’t use your power right away.

Instead of wasting the complexity budget on this nonsense, shift the complexity budget into things that players enjoy like Clockroaches.

Closing thoughts

Bring them back.  I really don’t understand why Eternal’s best game design work was nerfed into oblivion.

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