Google Sheets stats tracker


Click on this link and make your own copy of the spreadsheet via File → Make a Copy.

If you brew decks, keeping stats can help you get a better idea about the good and bad matchups.

The sheet has various columns where you can enter data:

  1. Date and/or season.  Because the metagame is constantly shifting, the date can help you segment your date after any buffs and nerfs.
  2. Deck you played.
  3. Opponent.  This can help you keep tabs on what deck your opponent normally plays and any notes that you may have on the opponent (e.g. whether they play around combat tricks).
  4. Mulligan.  Whether you mulliganed your hand.  This is not very useful.
  5. Deck you played against.  Sometimes this can be difficult to tell.
  6. Whether power flood or screw affected the game.  I don’t recommend keeping track of this.
  7. Win or loss.
  8. Comments about your opponent or your play.

I would recommend that you keep track of LESS data rather than more.  Recording stats is tedious and runs down your clock when you decide on your mulligan.  I would recommend keeping track of the bare essentials:

  1. Deck you played.
  2. Deck opponent played.
  3. Win/loss.
  4. Optional: date.

For the deck opponent played, I would recommend that you write down the factions in some standardized form.  Don’t copy what I did.  Instead of writing down rakano, put in FJ (for fire justice).  Shimmerpack Red should be FTP shimmerpack.

This is because spotting factors is easy but telling decks apart can be hard.  The factions are fairly unambiguous unless the opponent is influence screwed (which does happen).  The exact deck variant is ambiguous- many decks have a common core so it’s hard to figure them out unless you see the defining cards… e.g. FJ Rakano feather versus FJ Rakano plate.

Analysis sheet

There are three cells to filter the data:

  1. By season.
  2. By deck you played.
  3. By deck opponent played.

Note that regular expressions (regex) are used for #3.  \b denotes word boundaries such as spaces.  If you want to find the exact word FTP, then for the regex you would put in:


This will find FTP, (FTP), etc.


So basically, you pick a deck that you played and look at your:

  1. Overall winrate.
  2. Matchup winrates.

If you use factions in your deck names, then you might have a bunch of entries for:

FS burn queen
FS big burn
FS burn queen or big burn????
FS midrange
FS unknown
FS brew
etc. etc.

If you simply filter by FS, then you will get all of the Stonescar decks and the exact deck variant will be slightly less of an issue.


One thought on “Google Sheets stats tracker

  1. Suggestion – Possibly a column for whether you are on the play/draw? I’ve added it to my copy of the spreadsheet (plus win rate stats for play/draw) to see if it is useful or not.


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