Playing Gwent nowadays

If you’re looking for a game where your decisions matter, definitely check out Gwent.

My disappointment with Eternal is that it has become even more random and less strategic.  Cards like Throne Warden make Armory even less interesting to play against as relic weapons repeatedly remove your board.  Set 2 has introduced Champion of Fury, a needlessly swingy card that clearly finds its home in a mindless SMOrc/aggro archetype.

So let’s talk about Gwent.  Gwent’s developers have been willing to make huge changes to the game to try to make it more fun.  Less interesting mechanics (e.g. the uninteractive Kambi combo) have been nerfed so that they won’t see mainstream play.  When they make balance changes and rework cards, they’re clearly thinking about whether or not a card is fun to play against.

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Skycrag Burn – Le sigh

I tried hyper-aggressive Skycrag with lots of 1-drops and Rally- it is a bad deck.  Partly it’s because Alpine Tracker wrecks that deck.  A better direction would be to simply run Alpine Tracker.  And apparently you can do this in an aggressive deck despite the nonbo (opposite of a combo) between Alpine Tracker and 1-drops like Oni Ronin and Snowcrust Yeti.

In the current meta, there is no need to rush other decks down and you seem to get punished for being hyper-aggressive.  So that’s why we run greedier cards like 4 Wisdom of the Elders, 4 copies of Soulfire Drake, etc.

This deck has a lot of controlling elements that help it against Burn Queen and other aggressive decks.  So I feel like Burn Queen is something that you don’t want to play in the current meta.


Champion of Furry is a messed-up card- occasionally somebody will get randomly wrecked for huge amounts of damage from this card.  If I don’t play a lot of Eternal, it’s because of groan-inducing cards like Champion of Fury.

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Set 2 Tempolysian – I can’t believe I’m excited over a 2/1 Yeti

Well Snowcrust Yeti seems like a strong card.  A resilient 2/1 can do a lot of damage if played on turn 1 (maybe 6 damage for only 1 power).  This one-drop seems pushed.  The Yeti could become mediocre if the meta happens to be infested with go-wide decks… but otherwise this card looks similar in power level to Oni Ronin and Crownwatch Paladin.


So, I’ve taken the old Tempolysian deck and updated it with this card.

Tempolysian basically plays very strong cards that Elysian has access to, e.g. Sandstorm Titan and the Elysian fatties (False Prince and Cirso).  Praxis Displacer can provide game-winning tempo against midrange and control decks; Displacer otherwise gives you value by bouncing away Permafrost, weapons, or drawing a card with Temple Scribe.  Obelisk is there to beat up on control decks and to make your units too big to be killed by relic weapons and burn.  Backlash is very strong against Harsh Rule decks and good against Burn Queen.  Because everybody is running spells nowadays, Backlash is rarely a dead card.

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