Skycrag Burn – Le sigh

I tried hyper-aggressive Skycrag with lots of 1-drops and Rally- it is a bad deck.  Partly it’s because Alpine Tracker wrecks that deck.  A better direction would be to simply run Alpine Tracker.  And apparently you can do this in an aggressive deck despite the nonbo (opposite of a combo) between Alpine Tracker and 1-drops like Oni Ronin and Snowcrust Yeti.

In the current meta, there is no need to rush other decks down and you seem to get punished for being hyper-aggressive.  So that’s why we run greedier cards like 4 Wisdom of the Elders, 4 copies of Soulfire Drake, etc.

This deck has a lot of controlling elements that help it against Burn Queen and other aggressive decks.  So I feel like Burn Queen is something that you don’t want to play in the current meta.


Champion of Furry is a messed-up card- occasionally somebody will get randomly wrecked for huge amounts of damage from this card.  If I don’t play a lot of Eternal, it’s because of groan-inducing cards like Champion of Fury.

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Set 2 Tempolysian – I can’t believe I’m excited over a 2/1 Yeti

Well Snowcrust Yeti seems like a strong card.  A resilient 2/1 can do a lot of damage if played on turn 1 (maybe 6 damage for only 1 power).  This one-drop seems pushed.  The Yeti could become mediocre if the meta happens to be infested with go-wide decks… but otherwise this card looks similar in power level to Oni Ronin and Crownwatch Paladin.


So, I’ve taken the old Tempolysian deck and updated it with this card.

Tempolysian basically plays very strong cards that Elysian has access to, e.g. Sandstorm Titan and the Elysian fatties (False Prince and Cirso).  Praxis Displacer can provide game-winning tempo against midrange and control decks; Displacer otherwise gives you value by bouncing away Permafrost, weapons, or drawing a card with Temple Scribe.  Obelisk is there to beat up on control decks and to make your units too big to be killed by relic weapons and burn.  Backlash is very strong against Harsh Rule decks and good against Burn Queen.  Because everybody is running spells nowadays, Backlash is rarely a dead card.

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Whisperpack: a funstable twist on Shimmerpack

Here’s a competitive deck that’s also interesting to play and pilot, unlike the current bogeyman of the metagame- Stonescar Burn.  My winrate with the deck has been 64% (18-10).  I currently sit at ~#8 on ladder.

This deck is very similar to Finkel’s Shimmerpack deck (discussed here), except that it runs Twinbrood Sauropod (“Echosaur”) as another win condition.  Whispering Wind is a way to assemble the Shimmerpack combos.  Levitate + big units shore up the deck’s weaknesses against flyers.

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Stonescar Budget Burn for new players- work in progress

Basically, we throw the best burn spells plus efficient Stonescar creatures into a deck.  Because the current meta is aggro-heavy, we run 4X Vara’s Favor.

In the pre-wipe season, Weiseguy piloted a midrange Stonescar Burn to #1 on ladder.  It should be similar to this list plus Bandit Queens (unfortunately Bandit Queen is a legendary now).  Post-wipe, it looks like the meta will be aggro-heavy.  What Weiseguy piloted to #1 last season with a few changes (like Vara’s Favor and Cabal Countess) will likely become the dominant deck and the metagame will warp around it.  Vara’s Favor will be very strong to ok in almost all matchups- aggro decks have lots of 1-drops worth killing.  Rakano has Silverwing Familiar, which is definitely worth killing before the opponent can drop equipment on it.

This blog post will cover a sample deck list + substitutions.

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Say hello to our new Queen overlords

Well… the wipe changes were a little unexpected.  Cabal Countess strikes me as needlessly strong.  She is good against enemy sweepers- she can be played after the sweeper and get in 4 or 6 damage while leaving a very strong body behind.  Any card that can reliably deal 6 face damage is very good in Burn Queen.  She looks like a very good addition.


Control decks that relied on Secret Pages for influence fixing and getting to double justice for Harsh Rule (or a single Primal for Lightning Storm with only 2 power) have basically been nerfed.  I don’t think that these control decks will fare well against the new annoyingly-fast queen decks.

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Burn Queen is a dominating tier 1 deck

Burn Queen is basically a Bandit Queen deck with a burn package of Kaleb’s Favor, Flame Blast, and Obliterate.  I originally didn’t realize that this deck gets more powerful at the highest levels of ladder, where there is more Combrei and control.  Having played a reasonable amount of this deck, here’s some data:

  1. Highly favorable matchup against non-aggro Combrei (79% winrate).  This deck absolutely preys on Combrei durdle decks tuned for the Boardstall Titan mirrors.
  2. 70% overall winrate (126W-55L).
  3. Early on in the season, I piloted this deck to #1 on ladder.  Currently my rank happens to be #2.


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Bored of normal Jito Queen? Add a little burn.

So it turns out that Jito is alright if you add in a burn package of Flame Blast, Kaleb’s Favor, and Obliterate.

My record with this is 40-26 for a winrate of 60.6%.  I did not keep stats on my more conventional Jito Queen build so I’m not sure which version of Jito is better.  The burn version has a bit of a better matchup versus Combrei than the non-burn version.  If Combrei throws up a wall of units (which basically shuts down unit-based damage), there is the option of directing burn spells to the face to finish opponents off.  Because Combrei is a relatively slow deck, you have time to accumulate power for big Flame Blasts and Obliterates to the face.  The deck was 11-5 versus Combrei and 6-6 versus 4-faction control.

However, the burn version is not as good against Rakano Warcry/Pants since it has no sweepers.  Normal Jito devotes more slots to its go-wide strategy that works well when it does not face any sweepers.

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Grind ladder on a budget with Jito Queen

Jito Queen has a few characteristics that make it excellent for grinding ladder:

  1. It is the most aggressive deck in the game, which means that your games go really fast.  Faster games means that you gain gold and rank faster.
  2. It is a highly competitive deck.  While a deck’s strength depends on what other people are playing, Jito Queen is usually a tier 1 or 2 deck.  Jito Queen was one of the decks that I played to #5 last season.
  3. No legendaries, which means that new players can easily put it together.


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Haunting Scream – Reanimator build

This is a follow-up to my previous post on Haunting Scream.

The reanimator build revolves around Whispering Wind and Grasping at Shadows.


When Whispering Wind attacks, you can discard a card to draw a higher-cost card from your deck.  If you discard a 3-cost card, you will get either Grasping at Shadows or Vara.  We specifically do not run Monuments since they turn into mediocre 5-cost cards.

I’m not actually sure if this is a good idea since this is a “win-more” build.  If you can attack multiple times with Whispering Wind and have time to setup this elaborate combo, then you were probably going to win the game anyways.  Also, you don’t actually need to reanimate Vara since you’re not far off from hard-casting her given the conditions where this will work.

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Haunting Scream is decent now

Haunting Scream is a goofy deck based on getting Gorgon Fanatic and Direwood Beastcaller into your void/graveyard.  Once either of those units are in there, you can Haunting Scream to bring that unit back with charge and flying.  Those abilities are permanent, so you can then cast Dark Return to continue the shenanigans.

Thanks to the recent patch, Gorgon Fanatic was buffed so that it gives you (the player, not the unit) +3 health if the infiltrate ability connects.  Here is the decklist that I have been messing around with…


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