Playing Gwent nowadays

If you’re looking for a game where your decisions matter, definitely check out Gwent.

My disappointment with Eternal is that it has become even more random and less strategic.  Cards like Throne Warden make Armory even less interesting to play against as relic weapons repeatedly remove your board.  Set 2 has introduced Champion of Fury, a needlessly swingy card that clearly finds its home in a mindless SMOrc/aggro archetype.

So let’s talk about Gwent.  Gwent’s developers have been willing to make huge changes to the game to try to make it more fun.  Less interesting mechanics (e.g. the uninteractive Kambi combo) have been nerfed so that they won’t see mainstream play.  When they make balance changes and rework cards, they’re clearly thinking about whether or not a card is fun to play against.

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