The best decks in the post-wipe metagame

Currently, Stonescar Burn variants have emerged as the most popular deck with the rest of the meta warping around it.  Other Tier 1 decks seem to be Rakano pants/warcry, Elysian Shimmerpack, and aggressive (Obelisk) Combrei.  Those are the decks currently being played by the majority of players in top 10 ladder.

However, popularity does not tell the whole story.  Unearthly’s data suggests that his Rakano build with Righteous Fury is slightly better than the Stonescar Burn variants.


His winrate with Rakano was 65.7% (44-23) versus 63.9% (46-26) for Stonescar Burn / Big Burn.  The most popular deck on high-ranked ladder, while being a strong deck, may not actually have the highest winrate at the moment.

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Tier 1 and 2 decks (October 13 2016)

In this post, I am going to break down the most competitive decks that I would play if I were to really try-hard the ladder and aim for #1.  Because all decks have good and bad matchups, the best deck will depend on what other people are playing.  Right now, Xenan killers has shot up in popularity because it is fun and new.  Combrei midrange and greedy Combrei have fallen in popularity (even though they are probably the best deck right now).

Anyways, here are the most competitive decks at the moment (in no particular order).

The three pillars of aggro are:

Non-aggro decks:

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